Hiking, Plants, and Sustainability

If you are excited about hiking, plants and sustainability, then Sustaining Sara is a space for you. I write about my backpacking experiences, take too many pictures of my houseplants, and show you the messiness that is trying to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

Let’s take on these journeys together!

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Planning My Garden 2023

It is about time, late even, that I plan my garden to start this spring. This has only been made all the more difficult after a swap-meet event I held where one of the women brought and amazing array of seeds…that I must use. Here are my vague plans: Well enough dumping, are you planning…

2022 Faves

We don’t always take a year-long hiatus, but when we do we share our [insert year] Faves post two months late…okay we always do take weird hiatus’s but that can change! I just want to continue the trend of sharing my favorite things from the year past and this year is no different. To be…

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