Why I am here – a better “about me”

Sustaining Sara in Joshua Tree National Park

Maybe it was a rush of adrenaline to launch Sustaining Sara. Maybe it was simply looked over. Maybe I was scared? Whatever it was, I just feel like my about me intro post was a cookie-cutter “what I think should be on a blog” regurgitation. 

I explain what this blog will be; hiking, sustainability, and a millennial’s house plant obsession, but not the why.  To be honest I had wanted to start a platform many times where I could talk about the things I like. To be honest I feel weird about making statuses on facebook because they are short and I never get all the words out.  Now that I have so much time after leaving a job I worked to many hours at and had no time for myself and my relationships, gosh darn it I finally launched a site that is 100% what Sara wants to talk about. 


I feel so much support from my extended family who always comments and likes my posts, to friends I have not talked to since high school that are telling me they that they like hearing about my adventures. I wanted to created this space to talk about Sara things and it has been so well received. After leaving a huge part of my life in 2020, I am so happy and grateful that this new platform is creating positive experiences for me and that you all are supportive and enjoying Sustaining Sara with me.

Thank you. I love you. Keep being awesome.




  1. Mitzi says:

    Glad you find joy in your page and it makes you happy.

    1. Sara says:

      Thank you Aunt Mitzi 💙

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